Your Property – Your Way of Life

Comprehensive         service

In RUBENEL we acompany you and provide a comprehensive service related to the purchase of your property in Costa Blanca, Spain. 

Starting from immigration related formalities and the proceedures at banks, through all the process of choosing and purchase of the property and until the interior and exterior design arranging. 

We will be together with you during all the purchase process of your house or business to ensure that the project is successful and fulfills your expectations.

Our Services

Sale of newbuilds

We offer you the best new builds in Costa Blanca and accompany you throughout all the process of purchasing your dream house. If you buy the property as an investment, we help you obtain the license for tourist rental.

Sale of restaurants

If you plan to purchase your own restaurant or if you want to sell your business, we are here to help you and manage the entire process in the best way.


If you are a foreigner, we help you with obtaining the NIE and the Golden Visa related to the acquisition of your property in Spain.


We put you in contact with banks to obtain the best financing option to make your project a reality.

Interior & Exterior

Do you want to make your property look and feel natural and elegant? We put you in contact with the best interior and landscape designers to create the best environment and lifestyle for you.


On our website we provide you with information about the best that Costa Blanca has to offer in your daily life so that your life is filled with unforgettable impressions and emotions.